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Model 106-OJ

This completely automatic juice extractor...

    - Handles a wide variety of orange sizes

    - Is simple to operate and maintain

    - Is designed to allow the operator easy access to the

      machine's interior for fast cleaning

    - Satisfies the customer demand for convenient access to

      fresh juice

Model 106-OJ  Specifications
Squeezing Rate 14 oranges per minute
Hopper Capacity 40 lbs
Reservoir Capacity 8 quarts of juice, Optional 16 quarts
Size of Fruit 163 through 88 up to 3" diameter.  Desired sizes 138 through 113.
Yield Approximately 9 to 11 quarts/cartnn
Space Requirements 6 square feet plus juice display
Portability Mounted on four casters
Electrical Standard outlet 110 Volt/60 Cycle, 10 Amp single Phase
Hydraulics Fully adjustable pressure to properly squeeze various sizes and varieties of citrus
Shipping Weight and Dimensions Machine: 40 x 22 x 60 (Packed) 1 Pkg @ 200 lbs Shipping Wt. 36.0 CuFt
Warranty 12 month limited
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Model  800 Multi-Purpose Juicer

Highest yield for high profits

Large feed area for reduced labor

Heavy duty construction for high volume reliability and durability

Easy to operate

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Model 900 Citrus Juicer

Completely automatic citrus extractor offers -

-all citrus types

-all citrus sizes

-highest yield

-lowest peel oil

-longest shelf life

-easy to clean and operate

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Model 501 Mobile Ice Display Table

Modern Fiberglass design for added merchandising appeal

Insulated with polyurethane

Self contained reservoir for easy draining

Heavy duty casters for mobility


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